Who we are

lagasse - Vietnam Wall


The mission of the American Veterans Arts and Crafts Gallery is to celebrate the veteran. We celebrate them by showcasing their art or crafts to the public and helping to promote independent Veteran Artists.


We are a group of Veterans, of all branches, across the nation, brought together by a love of art. Each item listed for sale on this site is hand made by an American veteran. For many of them, this is their only form of income as they face debilitating disabilities in one way, shape, or form. Each item is made in the USA by a United States Veteran.


To celebrate the American Veteran. Their past, their now, and their future. Recognizing their service, showcasing their art or crafts and encouraging them to pursue their passion. We want every veteran to feel that he or she has a home here at AVAACG no matter their skill level or their passion. Weather it be fine art or wood carving they are welcome here and we will encourage them how ever we can.


Show your support for those that have served by purchasing and displaying their art.


As director of this group I personally want to invite you to peruse and shop this site with confidence that every thing on this site is made by an American Veteran. Made with passion and pride, these are truly unique works of art.

Every item you buy goes to help a Veteran improve their lives by showing them that they have worth. We are not a charity, we want you to be happy with your purchase. Feel free to ask any questions you like before you buy. You can buy with confidence that all items are made in the USA by United States of America Veterans. Shopping carts are added for your convenience and shipping and handling is usually included but be sure to check.

Like us on Facebook and support the Veterans that served for this great county. Thank you for your interest in American Veterans Arts and Crafts.

Thank you!
James "Jay" Emerson