Angie Blevins - BLEVINS ART

Hi, I am a retired Army Master Sergeant, served in the Navy and Army National Guard as an artist and photographer in a variety of roles.

There are eight pencil portraits of the National Guard's Fallen Soldiers in the entrance way to the National Guard's Headquarters. Stop by if you have the opportunity. To see an example of my work, visit Camp Keyes in Augusta, Maine.

I have enjoyed living in Maine for more than 20 years; working out of my quiet, bright studio in the woods in of rural Maine, is a great inspiration to me year-round. I attended commercial art school early on, and have specialized in working with oil, ink, and pencil for the past three decades.

When I step into my studio, it's as if the outside world stops at the door, and I am overcome with the deep joy, excitement and freedom that come from being my creative self. Being an artist is not something I do; it is who I am, what I was meant to be in this lifetime. My work explores the use of ink of coastal areas, oils on canvas - scenery, flowers, or abstract visions, and watercolors of favorite Maine areas.