Bob Mercier - Wilmer D Coffee and Tea

Coast Guard Veteran.

Specialized Crafted, Chemical Free, Gourmet Coffee, Blended and Roasted for the Coffee Connoisseur in the Greater Newport Area. The company was established and founded by Laura Willey and Robert Mercier on 10/11/2012, in Wildwood, Florida. And moved to Newport, Maine in January of 2014.

We have four blends of Wilmer D. Coffee: Mama Laura’s: a Light Roasted Smooth, Low Caffeine Dessert Coffee. Then there is Father Bob’s: a mixture of Medium and Dark Roasted Coffee beans, that is a Smooth Medium Caffeine Morning Coffee that will get you off to a good start, Then we designed Willie’s Brew : For the people like a smooth Hi Caffeine Dark Roasted Blend that will not upset your stomach. This coffee “Will Definitely Get Your Battery Charged.”

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