Constance E. Robichaud - C. E. Robichaud

I am C. E. Robichaud, Constance E. Robichaud. I like to be called Connie. I was born in Augusta, Maine during the last century, but I have adopted Brewer, Maine as my hometown. It is located just across the Penobscot river from Bangor, Maine.
I have always dreamed of writting a novel but never seemed to find the time to actually sit down and start because of my work schedule.
I began earning paychecks when I was sixteen, but I acturally worked before that. When I graduated High School, Old Orchard Beach, Maine, I joined the U. S. Navy. I spent a very difficult four years and was Honorably Discharged. I then bagan looking for work and landed a position with the Old Orchard Beach Police Department as an emergency dispatcher. After three and a half years as a full time part time dispatcher I moved up to the Brewer area having landed a new full time dispatch position with Brewer Public Safety. I fell in love with both the position, dispatching for Brewer Police and Fire and four other fire depatments, and the city of Brewer.

I have since Retired as a dispatcher but I am still working part time as an on call receptionist for Brewer Police. I just can't get them out of my blood. Brewer Police and Fire members are the loves of my life.

When I retired I began going through thirty years of notes, paragraghs, characters, and partial chapters to begin seriously writting the book you see on this page. A labor of pure love. I lost a lot of sleep over this book over the past four plus years. I am currently working on Dimensional Dualities Book II - Working title (The Portal and Guardian).