Clyde Hoch - Clyde Hoch

Clyde being a very patriotic young man enlisted in the Marine Corps while in high school. Three days after graduating high school he was on his way to Parris Island, South Carolina for boot camp.

After boot camp and infantry training he was sent to 2nd Tank Battalion in North Carolina. The United States has a fleet of ships and a battalion of Marines in the Mediterranean Sea at all times. Clyde spent six months in the Mediterranean, with tanks. He returned to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina for six months and returned to the Mediterranean for another six months. After returning he spent some time as a brig guard, before being sent to Vietnam.

Clyde arrived in Vietnam in the middle of Tet of 1968 and returned home after Tet of 1969. These were the years of the heaviest fighting of the whole Vietnam War. Clyde was a sergeant when he arrived and was immediately made a tank commander.

His first book “Tracks Memoirs of a Vietnam Veteran” is all about his military experience.

All profits from his military books are donated to veterans groups. He writes these books because he feels the sacrifices of these great men should be remembered for future generations.

His fifth book “Albion” is his first fiction work. The book is made up of seven short stories. Each chapter is another exciting story. There is a wide range of stories, from early humans, to a great English Expedition, to a boy in an automobile accident, to near death experiences. One story in this book is true. Can you decide which?