David Rogers - David Rogers

David Rogers

Born 1955 Brewer, Maine

David Rogers (DROG) wanted to work as an artist ever since he was a child. When he was young, he spent many hours watching Dark Shadows, Gilligan’s Island, Lost in Space, and Star Trek. Shows like those were a catalyst for him to spend hours sketching strange and silly pictures. Authors Hemingway, King, Lovecraft, and Tolkien, were his muses. He’s worked as a paper delivery boy, a grocery bagger, a carpenter, an electrician, a jewelry repairman, a swill jockey, a member of the Youth Conservation Corps and a camp counselor. The only paid work he had as an artist was designing cloisonné trading pins for civic organizations in 1979.
Having had his fill of that excitement, he joined the U.S. Army and earned degrees in Mortar management, Psychological Operations, and exiting aircraft while in flight. During his 20-year tenure with Uncle Sam he had a chance to visit the best locations any aspiring artist would enjoy. Wadi Rum, the Parthenon, Petra, Jerash, Jerusalem, Bulawayo, Victoria Falls, Masada, Kuwait City, Cairo, Alaska and others. He’s married and has three children. He’s given up the electrical trade and is a wannabe artist. Nowadays, he enjoys painting memories of his youth and the state of the world. In order to improve his art, he studies only the best books and magazines and still watches television and movies for inspiration.
The only degree he’s received for his art is the third degree his wife gives him to “sell something or find a regular job”. If you see something you like, give him a call. Almost everything is for sale. If you’d like him to do a portrait or other subjects you want captured in oils or pastels, give him a call. If you have a gallery and want to hang one of his pieces in it, please, give him a call at 262-4357 or 217-5382.