Frances LaRiviere - Flights Of Francy

Biography: US Women's Army Corp, Viet Nam era, State side. My history is in the family before me that served in 2 wars. My Dad & his 2 brothers were all in Europe at the same time during WW2.My brother served in Viet Nam. Also I would like to honor a dear friend who served in Viet nam & died homeless in Portland in 2003. That should never happen to someone who was willing to die for us.

I love to create from found items, bits & pieces that I find here & there. Old photos are a passion. The people in my art are from vintage & antique photos. I love to turn them into fairies, birds, butterflies, moths, & bugs. Wings bring me great joy & freedom so everything that I do has something with wings. I am also a writer/ poet. Most of my pieces have poetry or a story to go with them.

I am married & have bee to the same, wonderful man for 38 yrs. I have 3 daughters & 5 grandchildren. I live in Biddeford, Maine. I sell antiques, collectibles & art on ebay & etsy. In the summer I sell stuff/ junque at the flea market in Arundel.