Gerry Villani - Gerry Villani

Gerry Villani is a Portland, Oregon photographer with a day job at a cellphone call center. Gerry is a former US Navy journalist, so he has lots of travel and writing experience behind him as well. His education includes an AA in Journalism and Certificate in Computer Operations, and has completed the U.S. military's basic journalism and photojournalism programs. Pacific Stars & Stripes is among his credits. His favorite subjects to photograph are Asian women and the urban environment.
His approach to photography is with a documentary and straightforward style, letting what he has recorded speak for itself. He looks for color and composes around it. All images were taken in Portland, Oregon unless otherwise noted. His camera of choice is a Nikon D50 body mounted with 28-80, 18-55, and 55-200mm lenses. He also keeps an Olympus point & shoot camera on hand. He previously worked with a number of Pentax SLR bodies and various lenses for those. You can see more of his works at