Kerry Pardue - Kerry's Art

I received a draft notice in August 1967 and went and took a physical. I was given several tests and was told that I could become an officer and I said no. Then they asked if I wanted to be an infantry man in Vietnam and I said no. The person told me he had a great job for someone who scored as well as I did on the tests. He told me I could be a medic that wore white uniforms and worked a nice clean, safe hospital. I told him to hold the paper and I would move the pen and signed up for a three year term. What he failed to tell me was that most medics ended up on front lines in Vietnam going out with the infantry on missions and patrols. I never did work at one of those clean safe hospitals he told me about.
I went to Vietnam in March 1968 and was assigned to three different units. I came home and was assigned to do flight physicals at Ft. Belvoir, VA. I was there three months and I came down on orders to go to Germany my last 10 months in the Army to work at a dispensary in Mannheim, Germany.