Keith Plouffe - Keith Plouffe

Keith Plouffe is a retired Air Force TSgt who served in security for 4 years and mental health for 16 years with assignments at the Air Force Survival School and at Cuban refugee camps in Panama. He holds a BS and MS in Psychology and a MS in Mental Health Counseling. He has published a journal article on a PTSD treatment case, has worked in forensic mental health settings, is a martial arts instructor, and continues to craft stories, including screenplays with Kristian McKenna of ZERO | END™. He was editor of the non-fiction Silent Maine Reminders by Alden L. Weigelt, a veteran police officer from Central Maine. Silent Maine Reminders has made its way into the hands of a US President and the Queen of England.

His first novel Annie’s Odyssey has garnered critical acclaim from professionals in the field of trauma and is the winner of the 2013 Beverly Hills Book Awards for Visionary Fiction. His short stories can be read for free on his website